Wednesday, July 03, 2013

HumBug Dancing

Though the sun rarely deigns to show his smile around here, we do get treated to hummingbird calisthenics each morning. Until the little male began spending his nights on a string of baling twine upon which I hang a drooping, over-watered petunia that came my way on Mother’s Day, I had no idea that hummers are into Pilates.

However you should see him warming up as the light filters in through the dense, gummy clouds each morning. Stretch those little wings, up, down, up, down. Whirl ‘em a little, buzz, buzz, buzz. Neck twist, round and round. Jumping jacks, hop, hop, hop. He does it every morning, so I guess it must take a little exercise to emerge from his overnight torpor. At least he adds a little levity to the otherwise gloomy days. I wonder where his family went, as he seems to be the only one around, after a spring graced by two pairs.....

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