Friday, August 23, 2013

Earth Shattering


Or maybe not. The news around here is mostly made up of small stuff, which is just fine.

Bur cucumber running wild in the old horse pasture

The pony is picking up the whole longing thing very nicely. Liz took her out a couple of times yesterday and you can see she is getting the idea pretty well.

The boss saw an owl in the little brown building. We think it was an Eastern Screech Owl. It flew right over his head, but so far it has eluded me.

Just as we were finishing chores yesterday morning a Carolina wren tuned up right outside the North side of the barn...maybe three feet from the window. 

I crept over to peek out and I think it was the one we rescued, as it had some missing neck feathers just like our little denizen of the upstairs bedroom. As I watched a fledgling came flitting out of the brush, alarm calling to beat the band, looking to be fed it appeared. Good stuff.

The moon this morning, do click to enlarge

It seems that I have won a family four pack of beef sundaes from the State Fair. I won't be going myself, but maybe we can round up a quartet of kids and significant others to partake of this delight. I won't feel too deprived though, as we have been making our own for years.

And perhaps the most exciting of all...just before the storm yesterday, when that hot, dry wind was just kicking up dust ahead of the rain, the girls and I ran out to pick some squash. Among the zucchettas and neck pumpkins we found this weird green.....thing.....shaped like a zucchetta, but dark, bright green. I think it is a sport, or maybe a different variety.

Odd though.

Broadway's big, red butt at sunrise

And there is our exciting news for today. What's yours?


Cathy said...

Ummm . . . let's see . . my "exciting news for the day" . . . .Oh!! I don't have any new cavities!

Now. That moon picture. Awesome.
Craters and all. How did you get it?
Tripod? Your point and shoot on what setting? It is awesome .

Rev. Paul said...

+1 to Cathy, and her question.

Nothing really exciting going on here, either, as my blog attests.

threecollie said...

Cathy, good news on those cavities! lol Just pointed the camera at the moon near the old spruce tree and held real still and clicked. Set it on AV and didn't change anything

Rev. Paul, answer above. Mostly just sometimes get lucky. as to your blog, your nothing really exciting looks pretty enthralling to us folks down below.