Thursday, August 29, 2013

Going Parking

Willow flycatcher, I believe

Diamond did pretty well at the fair yesterday, 5th out of 14 in hand and 6th out of 15 in obstacle in hand.

Everyone but Becky and I went to the tractor pulls last night. We stayed home and crashed. Milked early, came in, ate supper, and went to sleep, just like that.

Woke up when the Super Modified class started though. The fair is about a mile away, but I'll bet you could hear those babies back in Glen. Guess they had a great time, but I was happy to stay home, even if I was only looking at the backs of my eyelids.

One thing upon which I must comment. The parking. Over the many decades of showing at the fair...since the days when I had a pair of harness ponies, Deranged Richard and Major Moves, we always dreaded parking the cars and trucks.

Liz was a baby one year when we were showing them both....and a not terribly nice parking attendant forced me to carry my harnesses, grain, and a bale of the baby and her gear..... all the way back to the barn on show day. My late mother-in-law, who was very elderly, and had come along to watch Liz, was made to walk.

 I had a parking pass. (When the boss got there, the attendant stopped his nonsense and let him take the car down to the exhibitor parking, but .....)

That was the worst case, but it was always a challenge to get where you needed to be.

This year, it is as if a ray of sunshine has broken through. Every time we have gone to the fair, the parking folks have scrambled to offer us the best possible spot, least walking, easiest to escape, etc. When they saw the boss hobbling along in that old farmer way they put his car in a better place last night.

Then when he couldn't find the car out there in the semi-darkness, they took him to find it in a golf cart.

Way to go parking people! The situation has been getting better over the past few years, but now, commendations are in line.

Really, the whole fair has been improving by leaps and bounds over the past few years, despite the floods. Great work being done by the management imho


Cathy said...

God bless people who actually see others. A person with empathy embodies the caring implicit in the word humane. Seems some 'humans' miss the mark. So glad you encountered the former yesterday. Amazing how it can lift your spirits. Good on those parking people and good on Diamond!

threecollie said...

Cathy, thanks! I spoke with the kids and their experiences with the parking crew have been equally outstanding. What a breath of fresh air!