Tuesday, September 03, 2013


Quick, Daisy, fetch me a link

Can any of you wiser-than-I-am-folks help me with a link, a story, or any kind of info on why school taxes jumped so dramatically? The boss went to town and talked to some good folks, and it seems to have to do with declining ag exemptions and increasing property values....what a joke....Our taxes went up by around 25%. Allowing us to house more cows ain't a gonna fly.

I need a link, some hard quotes, a good article, or some such thing so I can write about this for tomorrow's deadline. Thanks in advance.

PS, already did a good deal of searching and can't find a thing!


TenMile said...


Theecollie, it is a gov link (for what it is worth) but occasionally it gives me insight to problems coming.

threecollie said...

Ten, this seems to be a fairly local thing...guess I am going to have to try to talk to the assessor. Thanks