Friday, September 27, 2013

Holy Halloween Batman

Nighttime doggy walking view

I can see why they put Halloween around this time of year. Usually I don't think anything of being out in the dark. We get it at both ends of the work day and all.

But, dang! Sometimes it gets wild and woolly out there. Becky and I were out after chores last night, walking Gil and little Miss Daisy. Housebreaking on the latter leaves a bit to be desired, so I was there longer than I wanted to be.....



Things were moving in the bushes. Smashing. Crashing. Whispering, flitter-fluttering

OK, a couple of barn cats were sneaking around, but this was not barn cats.

Then from right in front of the house came this weird rattling. I mean really weird. Never heard anything like it. Goose bumps, cold chills, let me outta here!

We bolted for the house. To heck with the carpet.

Lock the door and light the lights, it's spooky out tonight. Chicken noodle soup....homemade....kind of calmed things down.

And then about bed time Gil went nuts. He is an excessively barky dog. Bad. But he usually goes to bed and gets quiet and behaves.

So Becky and I, being possessed of both flashlights and paranoia about cows getting out, had to go patrol all over the yards looking for whatever got him going.

No cows were found. But, yep, it was still spooky. We couldn't get back indoors quick enough. Halloween came early I guess. 


CDH said...

I love being outside at dark...Only if I am within running distance to the house or pickup! LOL! I start to freak myself out. It can be so quiet and DARK!

threecollie said...

CDH, I know exactly what you mean! There had to have been some deer or something out there that night, as last night we did the exact same dog walk with no discomfort at all. lol