Friday, October 25, 2013

Gold in them thar Hills

See this lousy, out of focus, sorry picture? Not much is it? I am going to keep it though, at least for a while. If you click and look closely you can just about see that the shiny little thing just off center is a dragon fly.

I followed it up the hill the other day, and it looked just like a bit of gold foil in the sun, diving back and forth hunting. Stayed just ahead of me all the way up to the top. I just barely caught it with the of those beautiful moments that make it all worth it.

Still chopping hay

60-acre lot woods

One of my favorite trees on the farm. The great horned owls used to roost here

Wasp hive by Alan, who is taller and could shoot over the tall grass


Anonymous said...

We need to come visit you at this time of the year and see all the colors... but , it's a busy time for us with shipping cattle off to market... someday!

Rev. Paul said...

Beautiful scenery! I sure do miss traipsing around in woods where there aren't any predators bigger than me.

Terry and Linda said...

Stunning! You live in an outstanding beautiful world...high on a mountain top from of colors and beauty and maybe even Winnie the Pooh in your 100 acre woods!


Cathy said...

Oh yeah. I feel your pain on that missed shot.
But all that gold made up for it.
I soooo understand Rev. Paul's comment.

threecollie said...

JB, wouldn't that be something! If you ever do get out this way maybe we could get my brother and you together to make music. That would be so cool.

Rev. Paul, when I am out at night walking the wee dachsie and hearing creepy things out in the shrubbery, I am ever so grateful that none of them want me for an after dinner snack.

LInda, lol, I am hoping Winny's relatives stay away though.

Cathy, it was so quick! But so beautiful. Never seen one like it, but this has been a great year for dragon flies.