Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Higher Taxes

I can hear the TV, droning away in the living room...a place where I spend very little time....

It says the president is insisting on "at least some" higher taxes. Wonderful. Taxes are putting us out of business, to the tune of nearly six grand for just one tax....just one. We may have to sell the cows to pay it, then what...

Try and drag that out of a dwindling milk check, then find money to pay for health insurance, which we haven't been able to afford for at least a decade, and see how "at least some" higher taxes resonates with you.

Is it any wonder that heartland America, the people who drive trucks and grow food and work at ordinary jobs doing ordinary, but necessary work, are frightened? And angry?

Never mind clinging to guns and religion. Far too many of them are trying to cling to their homes, and businesses, and to their very lives. Drive around this area and look at all the houses with peeling paint, shaggy lawns, and beat up cars in the driveway. Half a decade ago, many of them were lovely homes, with manicured landscaping, and decent vehicles. Not rich people, just American people, living the dream.

Look at them today. Lay offs everywhere....not just on the news...real people talking in stores and gas stations right here in town. Hours cut to avoid the health care penalties. The boss and kids bring home stories every day. People are hurting.

Wake up Washington. Stop looking for places to throw money, tighten your belt, and listen to America. Your people are restless.

Can you tell that the remote control is broken, so the boss has to get up to lower the volume, so I have no choice but to listen to that stupid idiot box blaring away? 

Still, the bad news is real, and it is affecting people we know right along with us. And there is no reason for it.


Rev. Paul said...

Oh, there's a reason for it: it's the powers that be in their attempt to bankrupt the middle class, and drive the resulting poor into the welcoming arms of Uncle Sugar.

Cathy said...

Keith read this to me this morning.
Poignant and powerful.

I fear Rev. Paul is on to something.

Scary, sad times.

Anger simmers just beneath.

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, the backbone of America, and you are is breaking.

Cathy, we have been up against it before, living in the highest taxed state in the land, in one of the highest taxed counties as a percentage of income. However, this time I am truly out of ideas. We were stunned when we got our school tax bill and saw how much it had gone up. Simply do not know what we are going to do, except that it sure as heck ain't anything we want to do.