Monday, October 14, 2013

Just Another Monday

This odd extended fall has been most welcome, although word is that less favorable weather is soon to come. If I don't get at the applesauce-making the apples are all going to be down. And the boss says to get the zucchetta picked pretty quick. We have been having it with supper ever night and haven't got tired of it yet.

Bur cucumber

Although Liz and I have put up a lot for soup...probably more than we will use...I am thinking I should saute some in butter with garlic and Italian seasoning like we do for supper and freeze it that way.

The new calf has been named Bruce, for no particular reason, except that I like the name. He is doing quite well, and his mama is trying to out-milk the Holsteins. Hopefully we can keep them both healthy.

Liz is excited about this red Destry heifer

And that is about it. Finishing up hay harvest, hoping for continued good weather, scrambling to deal with some other problems, no solution in sight, watching the migrants go by...nothing like blue morph snow geese, lined out against a fog-drenched sky....and livin' the dream.

Have a good one.



Cathy said...

Yes. LIving the dream.

" . . blue morph snow geese . . "

Lucky Ducky :)

Terry and Linda said...

We are lucky, aren't we? Living the dream.........


Woodswalker said...

Blue morph SNOW GEESE?! Boy, would I like to see those! I wonder if we'll ever get the huge numbers of Snow Geese we had on the rivers last year. I hope this string of bright warm days helped you get all your haying done.

threecollie said...

Cathy, I have seen one or two before in big flocks, but this was maybe eight to ten, all blue.

Linda, yes indeed.

WW, I was wondering about the snows too. I have seen a few dozen, but no big flocks yet. Of course I haven't seen any big flocks of Canadas yet either.