Friday, November 15, 2013

Crispy and Cold

Bright fall morning, all pastel and pretty. Took a walk after chores to look for birds. Lots around, but oh, so, shy, so not much in the way of pics. It was kind of quiet and nice though.

 Deer season opens tomorrow, so I imagine it may not be quite as peaceful as it is today. There are a lot of random shotgun blasts going on around the area, so I suspect there is some jumping the gun going on.

I misplaced Miss Daisy this morning, believe it or not. She and Gil cannot be together. Not that they wouldn't like to be buddies and all, but Gil has about as much couth as a boar hog. Daisy is about the size of her namesake. The few times we have let them be in the same room, he has just stomped all over her, like a winemaker treading grapes.

So, when he is in the kitchen, she is in the front of the house. This morning that scenario occurred, but when I went to crate her during chores, she was simply...gone....vanished...absconded...

I looked in all the chairs. I looked in her boy's bed under the covers. That suspicious lump was just a blanket.

Where the heck did she go?

And then I saw her. We set up a crate in the dining room for Liz's dog, Ren. It has a big, thick, comfy blanket in it. Guess who was all snuggled up there and glaring at the mean old witch who made her move to the office to her own crate.....

Spotty tried real hard to get up last night...but didn't. Her back seems to be realigned, but she just can't quite make it.

And that is about all the excitement, except the other stuff, which is mostly just other stuff.


ellie k said...

Poor Spotty, I know it is hard on a cow to be down so long, hope the next try will be a little better. It sure hurts to see our animals hurt.

Cathy said...

Those milkweed pods . . . they hold on so long . . and then like summer . . . . they'll be gone, too.

So cute about Miss Daisy and her wanderings.

As for Spotty . . geeze :(

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Scared to check in and see how Scotty is doing, and scared not to :(

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Scared to check in and see how Scotty is doing, and scared not to :(

joated said...

Hope Scotty's problem is that she's gotten accoustomed to being pampered and she'll milk (no pun intended) it for all it's worth.

Can't blame Miss Daisy for seeking refuge in a comfy, warm blanket.

joated said...

"Scotty" = "Spotty"

Terry and Linda said...

Still sending healing thoughts and prayers for the little calf...almost to make more day hopefully!


threecollie said...

ellie, can't figure her out. She was up for three days after she was hurt, although we kept her in the barn. Now, she is bright and cheerful, eating and drinking well, but just can't get up. Very discouraging

Nita, as i said to ellie, bright eyed, but still down.

Joated, she is always good for a laugh

Linda, thank you. Actually she is a big cow...well, a small, but mature cow. poor baby