Friday, December 06, 2013

Shaking it Off

November seems to be lingering...which is fine with me, even if I am not so very fond of mud. After a couple days under the weather I feel somewhat better today, probably thanks to the wonders of Nyquil. And Dayquil.
 If you can't cure it, drug it into submission. 

The girls have been sick with it for weeks......

Although they pretty much worked through it. A couple milkings off here and there with the boss and me picking up the slack, plus whoever wasn't sick, but for the most part they soldiered on. There is little choice. Cows must eat. Cows must be milked. So far I haven't dropped any of the balls I juggle, and hopefully I won't have to. I feel so guilty if I do.

Meanwhile, nothing much is happening. Sometimes that is all right too.


Rev. Paul said...

Given the number of things that have happened to you/family/farm over the last couple of weeks, I think "nothing much is happening" is a GOOD thing. :)

joated said...

What Rev. Paul said. Sometimes "nothing happening" is very, very good. Trust me on that.

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, it has been kinda frantic

Joated, now if it would only stay that way.

Cathy said...

Marianne . . I'm just catching up with your posts.
I have been dodging that monster.
So glad you're pretty much through it.
Solstice is coming. Spring can't be far behind ;)