Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The Plague and I

Why is the mother person always the last one to get sick? Some nasty bronchitis thing has made its way through everybody else in the family, starting with Liz and ending up nailing Alan this weekend. Beck and Liz were sick for weeks...both still coughing, Beck barely managing to get by and go to work.

And now, after endless vitamins, and all kinds of being careful, it's my turn. 

Ah, well, if it weren't for bad news we'd have no news at all. Cows brought a lousy price yesterday, so we'll be scrambling because of that, dagnabbit. Went through the sale ring almost last, when all the buying was pretty much done. Wish they'd done better but they didn't.

So, as no doubt you can tell, I am borderline grumpy, although the Farm Side is done and filed and out of the way for the week. Which is always a relief. Got all the trucks in and out yesterday with no mishaps. Which is always good.

I may goof off a little today. Just a little. And try to get over this thing.....

So if posting is light, it's because I have a gila monster in my throat (no sense calling it a frog, it ain't no frog) but this too shall pass.Have a good one.


lisa said...

Hope you feel better sooner whether than later!

A. Montgomery said...

Poor baby. Put your feet up, your head back, and relax a little bit. I know this is a lousy plague. I think your father is getting it now. But if everybody has had it no one will be sick for Christmas! There is always a bright side!
We love you.

Rev. Paul said...

You sure know how to have fun (not). Feel better quickly!

Ann Ward said...

Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Being sick is nature's way of saying to slow down, Our good wishes for a quick recovery

threecollie said...

LIsa, thanks, seems to be just hanging there, threatening to really nail me....

Mom, thanks, I love you!

Rev. Paul, thank you sir

Ann,thanks, you too!

Jan, I went kinda slow yesterday...thanks!

Terry and Linda said...

Hope you get well soon!

We are home...horrible roads clear to Denver 45 mphs all the way. Back home on the same roads. Big crash in Glenwood Canyon that stopped us from 2:30 to 5:30 at Dotsero. Then heavy fog until we got in the house. What a huge trip!