Friday, January 03, 2014

It Wasn't that Bad

This morning out in the barns. 

Except for Lamborghini the heifers took to being in stalls like chickens take to cracked corn. Lambo on the other hand thinks anybody coming into the stall next to her carrying a milking machine is actually trying to smuggle in a Kraken to eat her.

And reacts accordingly. She is a big girl and the whole jumping around and kicking thing is kind of nerve-wracking. Thus the boss will be milking Dublin, who stands in the next stall, for the foreseeable future. I wish she would settle down, because Dubbie is right in the middle of my line, and it really messes me up having to skip up around the corner.

The sun is bright and wonderful though, even if the wind is carving all the warmth out of it. You know it's winter when the juncos and nuthatches follow you back and forth to the barn. I think they know who fills the feeders....which by the way actually had seed in them. I guess they just wanted to make sure I noticed them. 

The birds are so concerned about keeping fed in the cold and snow that even white-throated sparrows and juncos don't get off the feeder until I actually put my hand in it to fill it. And then they just move a few inches to the clothesline and wait for me to go away. They sure aren't that tame when it is warm out. You can see the tiny stripes on the WTSP under drawers, not something you could normally glimpse for sure.

Anyhow, stay warm. And listen to those TV talking heads! They will tell you just how to dress, and not to go out and get all cold and all.....just like your mama, except they never heard of you.....


Rev. Paul said...

Sounds like y'all dodged a bullet; I'm glad.

Terry and Linda said...

I'm glad you are all alright!


ellie k said...

I thought about you all today and hoped you can stay warm. I know it is cold since it is going to be in the 30's here in Florida .

threecollie said...

REv. Paul, thanks!

Linda, thanks, you take care!

Ellie, thanks, so much. 30 must feel awful to you!