Saturday, January 18, 2014

The New York City Carriage Horses

I assume you are aware of the plan of the new mayor of the city to do away with them.

Here is an article a friend shared about the way the carriage horses live their lives. To those of us who live ours with animals, calling this cruelty is simply mind-boggling. They have the best of everything...such as...

THREE staff on hand 24-hours a day! They also receive routine veterinary care and inspections, vaccinations, and mandatory time off.

I don't think the Amish horses we see pounding up and down the road around here, day after day, sweating gobs of foam even in the coldest weather, have staff on call night and day.

Heck, most house pets don't have staff on call 24-7. 

The horses are comfortably well-fed, feet attended to, housed well, etc. Their needs are met and met well.

Man's relationship with the horse has been a great factor in the development of civilization. It is sad that a few greedy and/or misguided zealots, who wouldn't know a contented animal from a freight train, want to see that relationship end, and end right now.

And with no concern at all for the actual fate of the horses involved..


lisa said...

Horses are a part of our history and our pleasure still today and do lots of work for our ranchers and even some farmers. I know that our horses are taken care of better than we are sometimes! To take that away from society today is not what should be done! Great link, I read it!

Cathy said...

Ah! But wiser heads than ours must prevail.

What can anyone outside the confines of NYC know about real life ?

Anonymous said...

Is there any truth to the rumor that the whole thing is just a land grab of valuable real estate?

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Here's another good post about the folly of "saving" the carriage horses.

threecollie said...

Lisa, I guess we who live with animals and understand and care for them are an anachronism in today's world. That is a very, very sad thing.

Cathy, it scares the hell out of me. Who's next?

Jan, there are good many wise head that think that the real estate issue is in fact the bottom line. Lots and lots and pots of money!

Nita, thanks. Good article!