Sunday, February 02, 2014

Sunday Stills...Bad Weather

Our bad this week was mostly just temps around zero and nasty wind. I tried to photograph this, kind, sorta....then yesterday it snowed hard for a while. The pics above were taken this week. 

For more Sunday Stills......

The three shots above are from the archives


joated said...

The first of your three archive shots looks like someone has His eye on you!

All your photos are usual.

Rev. Paul said...

Sometimes I could swear you're getting your photos from here, except that we haven't had much winter lately. It's 12 this morning, though, so ... but your photos are still great. :)

A. Montgomery said...

Dad says is discrimination that you have robins, and we don't have robins. We have crabapples, we are nice people, we love robins, just because we are 8 miles north of you is no reason for us to not have robins too.
Love ya!
Mom and Dad

Cathy said...

Love the capture of the tarp being tossed by the wind. I've watched a tarp being tossed around. Makes for great metaphors.

Saw the same thing Joated did.
And yes - " . . .ice is also great and would suffice."
Stay cozy, TC. Temps going down again.

Ed said...

Great shots, I can handle the cold but the winds are a bugger..:-)

threecollie said...

Joated, I couldn't believe that one when I took it out of the camera...weird.

Rev. Paul, more winter on the way they say, and thanks

Mama, I will send some. It may take a couple of weeks but I will get them up there to you ASAP. I hate to see this kind of discrimination! Love you too. lol

Cathy, thanks, and yup, more winter headed our way. Sure enjoyed the respite, but not ready for more. Just not.