Wednesday, March 26, 2014

And So, the Carolina Wren is Calling

If this mourning dove was a border collie they would have called him sticky
just didn't want to move

And the poor dog fell through the ice on a driveway puddle this morning with a resounding crash. Seems the water underneath had drained away and left a void, into which she smashed quite gloriously. She was not hurt, but she was not happy.

No peepers in the spring pond for a while yet, I guess
But what made that big chunk of ice?

Took a walk up in the old horse pasture yesterday to clear my mind and to investigate a bundle of twigs up in a tree, to which the crows have been showing a great deal of interest.
I can see this mess of twigs from the big windows...

Is it their nest a-building, or someone else's that they are raiding?

Nothing was revealed about this mystery in the course of my little walk, but I stood a while where my old horse is buried, checked out the still frozen pond, looked for buds on the shrubs and bushes (nope, not yet) and thought about changes and challenges.

Came to no conclusions of any moment and had a lot harder time getting back than getting out there. Under the long grass were thousands of little chunks of polished ice. And where there wasn't long grass there was still deep snow.

Guess I will forego any further strolling until it all melts and leaves us.

That is all..thanks....

60+ should not attempt to walk down this without YakTrax. Just sayin'


Terry and Linda said...

Your house is beautiful, by the way!

❤⊱彡 Linda

Cathy said...

"That is all . . . "

Oh, my friend . . you covered far more ground here than meets the eye.

We are in Ohio hill country this week where I was born. HIlls fix your place on the planet. Remind you who you are. And this winter has made reminiscing and longing last longer than I - and so many I know . . . would like. The ice will go and not too soon.

Thank you for sharing the journey.

threecollie said...

Linda, thanks! It needs more input than we can provide, but we love it too.

Cathy, Hope you have a great time and return home refreshed and bringing spring along with you. I was utterly startled to see a flight of grackles this morning. They have been around for a week or two, but it is so wintry that they seem out of place.

June said...

The going down is hard enough. But then y'hafta turn around and get back UP!

threecollie said...

June, YES! I walked over to the pond, fairly flat, but brushy and hard to walk. Then I went down the front hill. Big mistake! It was absurdly slippery and I had to creep down to the neighbor's yard and get down onto the driveway to get back home. Not doing that again any time soon.