Friday, April 04, 2014

Bossy Retrospective

Broadway on a grassy day
Rosie at the fair
 Here are some pics of Rosie, and her mama, Broadway, taken over the years.  I probably have more shots of Broadway than of any other cow we ever owned...I can't resist the red ones, and she sure is red.

Broadway with Bloomingdale. Don't know where the latter went

We found out last night that they both went to the same farm and are settling in well.

BDub as we called her, has been my favorite since the day she was born. By our Checkerboard Magnums Promise bull out of Alan's show cow, Bayberry, she born as red as a candle flame and she lit up the barn for all the years she stood there. The only reason I didn't keep her instead of Bama, my other favorite, is that Bama, as a three quartered cow, would definitely have gone for beef.

Rosie was sired by  Spungold Frolic Poker. Liz always loved her dark roan coat.  

Broadway, out in a hutch as a baby

Back when we were on test Broadway always held her own with, or surpassed, our best Holsteins of her age group in milk production.

She also always held her own in the barnyard when there was scuffling over the feed bunk. She was not a pet like Bama, preferring to be a bit more aloof, but she suffered my attentions calmly.

Rosie, during the name the calf contest that gave her her name

When we were loading out I was so proud of her. She stood in the first stall in the barn. The big noisy trailers were right behind her and she was one of the last cows loaded. Thus all the noise and movement and excitement of moving cattle was right behind her stall. At one point Betty and Asaki both ran up into the stall between her and Dalkeith.

Promise, just before we sent him to be drawn
She never reacted at all except to look around wondering what the heck was going on. I could have cried at the level of trust she had in us. We had never hurt her so she figured that we never would. The auctioneer said later that ours were one of the calmest bunches of cows he had sold. We never hurt them, handled them constantly from birth, and cared a lot about them. Guess they knew it.

I am delighted that both girls went to a good home where they will have a second chance. Many thanks to the young man who purchased them and was kind enough to let us know.


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Beautiful cows, caring farmers.

Terry and Linda said...

I am crying. This is sad and sweet and beautiful!


Cathy said...

Yes. " . . . sad and sweet and beautiful . ."
Wishing you sunshine and happy memories of those old friends.

wendywoo said...

So sorry for you... godspeed, dear sweet cows...

threecollie said...

Nita, we miss them....

Linda, sorry about that. I think I have cried more in the past two weeks than I did since I wanted my diapers changed when I was a baby. We will get through this....

Cathy, thanks! It helps to know they found a good home.

wendywoo, thank you...we are so glad that most of them went to other farms. We were told that wouldn't happen and it hurt....