Friday, April 11, 2014

I Had to Laugh

Can't complain about the birding. New for the year species almost every day
And they put on a fine show for my dear friend yesterday.
The Carolina wren came right down to visit

I was walking over to the barn to help with chores yesterday. Speaking of which, chores are absurdly easy now. As we get all the babies moved up into the "new" (think 1960s) part of the barn, and get a new routine established it takes less and less time and effort to feed, clean, and bed everybody and milk the one cow that is milking.

Anyhow, I was thinking how we, and everybody we have talked to about our change in circumstance, had this silly idea that we would have a lot more discretionary time after the cows went.

The Lord is laying on the lovely these days. What a great season!

Hah! Meetings, taxes, building things, cleaning things up, inventing those new routines, talking with officials about elderly relatives who have been having terrible issues with .....stuff....the days are as busy as ever, or maybe even busier.

 Only a few people have my cell number, but the house phone just rings and rings. And it is almost never the kids or my mama or friends I want to talk to for a while. Nope, it is lenders, and telemarketers, and people from the county about that home health care situation. 

Hopefully all this will level off when the taxes are done, and the upcoming Sprout Brook Auction done, etc. etc.  The boss is one of the auxiliary auctioneers for that one, and has to sell fishnets and hookers all day. (Well actually he sells farm stuff, but there is a long story about the f&h that we tease him about every year.)

Meanwhile, if this is retirement......please may I go back to work?

Even in the evening......


joated said...

Joni Mitchell sang: "You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone."

Course, she was also saying "they paved paradise to put in a parking lot." Which is not quite the same, but I think you get the drift.

Things will (probably) settle down as you become accustomed to your new routine.

A. Montgomery said...

I find that I have always been busier in retirement, and wonder how I did what I did when I was working 40 hours. May the Lord Bless your days with Happy busies, especially with that new grandchild.

Cathy said...

Well . . retirement hasn't impeded you ability to capture nice pictures :)
I still can't get good moon pixes the way you do.
Oh! Check out the lunar eclipse on the 15th

Anonymous said...

So many people find's like chores expand to fit time.

Anonymous said...

Selling hookers huh? I had always heard people just rented them.. ;-)

threecollie said...

Joated, so true, and I do remember the song. Thanks for reminding me. I think we may have even played it at one time. lol

Mom, you are one of the busiest people I ever met. Maybe it is what keeps you so young for your age! Love you!

Cathy, thanks, the moon is a fickle wench. If I got out when she is in the sky before the sun goes down and use the AV setting, sometimes I can get a decent shot. But not always. Kind of excited about the eclipse, although I guess we may have clouds

Jan, that is the exact truth!

Robert, he was selling fishing tackle a couple years back, and the ring man held up some poles, nets, and assorted gear. And he came out, entirely unaware, with the announcement that here was a bunch of "fishnets and hookers". A good friend of ours, with a satirical bent, was in the audience, and has never let him forget it. And of course we don't either. lol