Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rainy Night in NY

We missed the eclipse because it was pouring last night. And because we were asleep, which is a tremendous hindrance to successful photography.

However, we didn't miss the advent of real spring. It was here this morning when we went out. Oh, I know we are returning to wind and rain and even the dreaded "s" word, starting tonight and lingering who knows how long. However, that little rain brought red buds to the maples across the river, green to all the hillsides, and blooms to the wild plum trees. The air is fragrant with it, the birds are frenzied with it, and it puts bounce in our steps and vigor in our plans.

Not much else exciting going on....just year end book work and new career set up. The boy is way down south, having driven through the season yesterday, starting here where it is barely beginning to green and the box elders are just showing first bud, to green grass and cherry blossoms and loads of mockingbirds everywhere.


I know I couldn't begin to do his job, but I envy his proximity to the ocean, the presence of real, honest to sunshine spring, and the amazing birds he must be seeing.

I suspect that while we are piling the layers of sweatshirts back on, he will be slathering on sunblock and sporting a tee.


Rev. Paul said...

It's nice to hear about green growth; we don't have any yet. It's still the "ugly season" here, with mud & melting snow.

Lovely photos, once again. Thanks!

Cathy said...

A poem, Marianne. An illustrated poem.
God bless that robin on your roof and your dear boy and his reports of blooms and birds.

Terry and Linda said...

We went from hot to 26* at night...sucks. We have to start the slow warm up soon...I'm so ready!


Linda said...

I still freezes every night here but I did notice my iris and sedum are showing signs of life. I know it's spring when there is everything from parkas to rain suits hanging on the porch wall.