Thursday, April 10, 2014

Working for Uncle Sam, as thousands of folks across America are, particularly small business people.

 So far the phone has been out of order, the printer won't print, and there is a weird smell in the house..............which offered an excuse to at least open up the sitting porch to let in some fresh air. Been closed since last fall.

Robins were not thrilled to have me step out there, but they will just have to deal.

Spent a couple hours fighting with the printer. Old Windows XP computer, old printer, which has always been too complicated to do the simple jobs I need done. Finally got it to print if I only put one paper in at a time. Thank goodness our favorite bookkeeping person is patient with such foibles.

Wish us luck, cuz we are sure gonna need it.


Cathy said...

Oh how I hear your frustrations.
Printers when they work are miraculous .. . when they don't . . . words fail. LIterally.

As for tax day. Some 70 year-old I know did 12 breast biopsies and 3 cyst aspirations yesterday and will hand over a good chunk of his pay to various taxing agencies. He ate at his desk in a windowless room.
I keep thinking we could do a better job spending that money. But what do I know?

Rev. Paul said...

Yep. What Cathy said about printers. Mine usually works flawlessly, but when it doesn't ... it just won't.

Cathy said...

And yes . . . Good luck!

threecollie said...

Cathy, I hate tax time! If I were more diligent about my book work, or perhaps actually trained in how to do it, year end would not be such a nightmare. Alas, I am lazy and lousy. And yeah, there is no doubt in my mind that you would be far wiser in spending the money that he works so hard to earn than the parasites in Washington are. And printers! Gah, I hate them! They have to be so complicated that you could fly a 727 with them, but just try to print a report for the accountant. lol

Rev. Paul, ours has frustrated me since the day we bought it...and it is a Window XP, so I expect replacing it cheaply isn't a sensible options.

Cathy, thanks!!

Gilbert McNally said...

Lots of mishaps in a day, right? However, you’re lucky to have your favorite bookkeeper to work with you amidst all the problems. Hehe! I hope you’ll be able to maintain your harmonious relationship with your bookkeeper. :)

Gilbert McNally @