Monday, May 19, 2014


Clinging to the screen. I think if I had opened the door they would have come right inside

Right offa my own porch! The little wrens fledged yesterday. I missed the show, as they were pretty quiet about it, but at almost dusk, when I was sitting in my Sunday chair, eating stir fry cooked by Liz, they brought the party right to me.

My chair is right opposite the door to the sitting porch. The babies came right to the door and clung to the screen. We are quite accustomed to tame hummingbirds visiting the doors and windows, but this was amazing. I think there are three babies, but it seemed as if they were everywhere, beeping and cheeping and fluttering.

Just about dusk last night

And the anxious parents, which have totally ignored us through the whole saga of nest building, incubating, and brooding, inches from our heads on the back porch, went nuts!

What an uproar. Screeching and screaming and carrying on!

This morning, thinking that they were probably gone, I dared to step out on that little sanctuary in hopes of conducting my normal new species scan and taking some shots of the sunrise.

OMG! Wrens scattering in every direction. I sat down for a minute in my little red chair, but the parents came right to me and scolded me loud and roundly.  Pretty funny to see one peeking up over the edge of Grandma Peggy's little yellow fernery, inches away from my face, and cussing like a sailor.

'All right, all right, it's too darned cold to sit out here anyhow.'

I came back into the warmth and left them the babies seemed to be coming right back after fluttering down across the driveway for a minute. Between the freezing temps...we brought all the geraniums back inside last night...and the birds...I wonder if I am ever going to get to enjoy that porch this spring.

Maybe I should call this the tale of two porches.

Waiting for me to leave so they could come back on the porch this morning


lisa said...

So, lucky to be able to have the different kinds of birds to photograph.

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Oh, how delightful! Sacrificing your porch seat probably seems like a small price to pay for such an experience. Baby Wrens! Adorable!

Rev. Paul said...

You do have the most amazing experiences! All we get are raucous magpies, seagulls, ravens, and the occasional moose.

Cathy said...

I'm thinking little Peggy can look forward to wonderful shared experiences with Grandma in the next years.

It's like growing up in some wonderful childhood book.

Look at the feet on that little wren! As cute as it gets.

threecollie said...

Lisa, I am!

Jacqueline, I don't mind at all. Too cold for the plants to be out there anyhow. They actually left when I went on the porch. Then last night they came back! The door was covered with little wrens. lol I think they wanted to come into the house.

Rev. Paul, this was not the life I had planned, but it sure is the right one. Sorry you don't see the song birds. Can't imagine life without them

Cathy, I hope she is interested. I thought the feet were cute too!