Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sunday Stills....One Subject

Ruby-throated hummingbird drying off in the early morning sun

Ed's challenge for this week was to choose the one subject we would photograph if it was the only one we could use for the rest of our lives.

Carolina wren with a beak full of bugs, feeding the babies on the back porch

As you would probably guess, although i love taking pictures of our little one and farm animals and trees and frogs and all, the birds are first on the list of what I like to picture.

These are from Saturday morning.

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PhotoGal said...

I enjoyed your photos. It looks like you live in a wonderful tree filled area. I never think of NY as country just sky scrapers. Hee. Hee.

Ed said...

Excellent shots, I'll be doing the same subject tomorrow, I guess this makes us birds of a feather..:-))

Cathy said...

I love Ed's question. And I love your answer::)
And love the little frazzled mother wren.

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful captures!

Visiting from Sunday Stills,

threecollie said...

Photogal, thanks for visiting! Yes, Upstate NY is a well-kept secret, many miles of forest, field and farm, far from the city and very different. Agriculture is the state's number one industry.

Ed, thanks, yours are wonderful, and any time I can be considered in the same sentence as you in the matter of photography is good for me. lol

Cathy, she is a pip! Brings in beak, after beak, after beak, full of all sorts of bugs. I feel that you and Jonna have contributed to this little family, what with the peanuts and the cool feeder that helped them through the winter. i love having them so close!

thirtyseven, thanks! I had a lot of fun hunting them.