Saturday, June 07, 2014

A Near Disaster

The boss started baling today. I had a feeling that I ought to go up on the hill where he was I finished up what I absolutely needed to do, put a bottle of water, the camera and binoculars in a tote and headed out.

There was so much to see! I was hoping for bobolinks, not having seen any for my count this year. Before I even crested the hill into the hay fields I could hear them. We must have fifty pairs just in the 30-acre lot. What a wondrous singing and dancing they made.

Alas, as I went up, I met the boss coming down. Problems. There are always problems, but especially the first few trips. Since I was already up there, I decided to wander around for a while and see what there was to see.

Hey there, honey, wanna see my etchings?

Then he came back and started baling. It went well for a few bales and he got mostly out of sight of where I was waiting to take a pic of him coming back..

Suddenly I saw him coming, stomping across the field. For a while I just thought he was mad because of a breakdown. Then I saw that he had blood streaming down his face. He had been trying to unjam a bale that got stuck and the bale kicker released and hit him right in the head!

He hurried off down the hill, leaving me way behind and by the time I made it down off the hill...I can walk all day, but not very fast, Jade and Becky had him all cleaned up and he was reading on the computer.

It is a nasty wound, but he was really lucky. A few inches and it might have killed him.

Sure glad it didn't. They are back up there now, trying to get the thing working....


Dani said...

Oh my so glad he wasn't hurt worse!

A. Montgomery said...

I'm glad it didn't too. A farm is one of the most dangerous places to work. Love you, Mom

Terry and Linda said...

Oh! Those kind of things just sends chills down my back. I've been there and done see 'our guys' hurt and in pain is just horrible. I'm so glad he wasn't hurt worse!!!


joated said...

Glad he escaped serious injury. I bet he's more mad at himself than the machine. (Although I bet he's plenty angry with the machine!)

Rev. Paul said...

Farming has always been dangerous work, and the machines make it worse. I'm glad he's okay!

Ann Ward said...

Sure am glad he's ok!

lisa said...

Oh my, sure hope he is ok. Make sure to keep an eye on it.

Cathy said...

Oh Lordy. Give the boss a tender hug for us. Yourself too. I know you suffer for him at times like that.

Ruth said...

Glad he's ok!

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Oh my goodness, that happens so fast. So glad he's still among us.

threecollie said...

Dani, we were so incredibly fortunate. He could so easily have been killed.

Mom, scary thing. Love you too

Linda, same here. So much potential to be injured.

Joated, we will never, ever buy another John Deere baler. The New Holland had its problems, but it made better bales and was easier to work on.

Rev. Paul, thanks, we are too. It was a close one.

Ann, thanks, it could have been so much worse...just inches from serious damage or worse.

Lisa, looks as if it is healing well. Sure looked awful when he did it. Great big knot with deep scrapes and cuts and blood all over him. Yowsa!

Cathy, how quickly things can change. An innocent visit to the field with a little birding thrown in...and then suddenly, a near disaster. Not fun. And thanks

Ruth, thanks, healing quickly or so it seems.

Nita, thanks, likewise. And you are right! i could not believe how fast it happened.