Thursday, June 12, 2014


While far too much of the country is so dry a potato chip would be worried about ruining its complexion, we are wet, wet, wet. Too wet to even weed the garden.

Too wet to do anything worth mentioning or writing about.

Unless doing the dishes counts.


What are you doing to get through the soggy days?


George said...

Yea we're so wet too right now. over 3 inches in 2 days. Some of the corn is drowned out, might have to replant.

Fixing equipment up, getting pastured poultry pens predator proofed, checking fence lines.... We find somethign to do.. but I'd rather be cultivating the fields this week, weeds are coming in quick.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Dry here, and we're waiting for rain. Hopefully today. No rain, no grass, but the bright side - the garden is weeded.

NumberWise said...

Watching the gorgeous peony blossoms get saturated and fall over into the mud. Wearing socks. Yeah, meh.

Cathy said...

Is this amount of rain hard on hay crops or just impedes timely cutting? Is it better than too little rain?

Terry and Linda said...

Too much on anything---rain, snow, wind, just that...TOO MUCH!!!


threecollie said...

George, it is such a pain! Every time the sun comes out for a minute everybody runs out to get whatever done they can...but it doesn't come out much

Nita, we would send rain if we could

NW same here, they just droop and drown. So glad to see you here. I was worried about you...should call I know but...

Cathy, the rain can cause the hay to fall down and be hard to pick up with the mower, but mostly it just stops anything at all from getting done.

Linda, exactly! I don't mind a little rain at all, but weeks and weeks of it this time of year is terrible.