Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sound of the Storm

Amish farm just between the storms

Below is a little video I took last night of the tiny stream between the house and barn. Normally this is barely deep enough for the cows to get their noses down for a drink. This was taken a couple of hours after the first really bad round of rain had passed, so it was probably much higher a little earlier. Turn your sound up if you would like to hear it.

However, I have a deep and abiding love for the camera and don't take it out in that kind of weather. Plus it probably wasn't all that safe up on the bridge then. It has calmed down considerable since then....butter wouldn't melt in its mouth so to speak. 

I hope this is over, but the strong warmth of the sun on this really chilly, wet morning, are making me think otherwise. 

The kids are at the event below with Diamond, if you want to stop by and visit....and with Peggy Ann too!

Click image for details.


Cathy said...

Whoa. From 'tiny' to almost menacing. Any idea how many inches of rain you've had over the past few days?

jan said...

This reminds me of rafting down the Colorado River.

Terry and Linda said...

Our canal in your yard!


threecollie said...

Cathy, it was so unexpected...the violence of the storm. We are okay, but there was quite a lot of damage. They are saying a beaver dam caused a lot of it

Jan, lol, that would be scary!

Linda, wish we could send it where it would be useful.