Sunday, June 15, 2014

To Our Fathers, Our Teachers, Happy Father's Day

To my own dad, who led me to the wide world, and showed me amazement, from starting my interest in birding when I was just a little kid, to getting me going on nature and camping and history, books, and art, music, and all that this wonderful world has to offer. If you notice that I notice the is because Dad noticed when I was little, and always wanted to learn...... So much of who I am grew from the roots from which life sprang.

Thanks Dad, for teaching me see what a spectacular sphere we spin upon. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Love you!

And to my husband who taught me purebred cows....I knew a little when we met, but he built the foundation of understanding pedigrees, type, production, and the beauty of the right cow, the good calf, and the feet and legs and udders and ribs, and all the other parts that make them up. Incidentally along the way he taught me to drive tractors, pull the forage chopper...and rake, and ted, and unload and store hay, and much....most....of what I know about what it takes to be a farmer.

Hope your day is all you could wish it to you too. 

Oh, and happy anniversary....I am not going to ever forget a certain small wedding 29 years ago....just two best friends beside us and tears of wonder at the joy....We have come so far since that distant, fondly remembered, day. I hope the journey can continue. Never a dull moment in all those decades......

And to the new dad under our roof, having his first Father's Day must be doing something right because that beautiful baby girl sure gets mad when you have to work late. Happy first Father's Day, Jade. Have a good one and many, many more to come. 

And to all you dads out there, who are there for your kids from birth through youth, the difficult teenage years, and whenever you are needed, knowing you are loved, even as grandpas with grandbabies bouncing on your knees. Changing tires, offering advice, giving rescue, and succor, and love, and the solid strength of good men to your families all their lives. Where would we be without you?

Good job, good fathers, this is your day.


A. Montgomery said...


Cathy said...

Good men.
They make our world go round . . .
And team them up with great women . . .
It's a beautiful world.
(Love seeing the boss with Miss Daisy :)

Ed said...

Great post..:-)

Terry and Linda said...

Aw great post!!!


threecollie said...

it feel like only yesterday that we said i do

threecollie said...

Thanks, Mom! Love you!

Cathy, they do....we need them...and those of us who have them are very fortunate. Wish Keith a belated Happy Father's Day for us, if you would, thanks

Ed, thanks!

Linda, thank you

Ralph...posting as 3C, that is the truth for sure!

Cathy said...

On it :)