Monday, July 07, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mappy

Although my younger brother's name is Matthew, we often call him Mappy. 

There is story behind this......When we were little, running tame through the doors of our mom and dad's two shops in Fonda (Montgomery's Antiques on one side, Tryon County Books on the other) we three kids often plagued our landlady. We were bored and she was there.

We must have been awful pests sitting in her kitchen and talking at her of our deeds and misdeeds. She was a fixture in our lives for a very long time though, and we liked her with just a tinge of fearful respect. You did not mess with Veronica.

She was of Lithuanian origin and had a bit of an accent. And she loved Matthew, who was pretty much a baby then. Her baby, as far as she was concerned. Her "Mappy" could do no wrong.

Fast forward to today. He is still one heckuva guy. He will help anyone in their time of trouble, or help just because he can and wants to. He can turn his hand to pretty much anything that he wants to, and is a lot of fun besides. Never a dull moment around Matt.

I am sure he is working today, at his dangerous and demanding job, which involves drilling holes and filling them up a somewhat more complicated manner....

Anyhow, Happy Birthday, Mappy. Hope you have a great one!


Cathy said...

i have a brother like Mappy. They're just part of our hearts . . . like our kids. My son and husband looked up at me yesterday and told me I'd just called my son my brother's name.

Cathy said...

PS. Happy Birthay Mappy :)

A. Montgomery said...

I love your pictures of "My Baby".... They had us up for a nice spaghetti dinner yesterday, and of course applesauce cake for his birthday!
Love your blog, love you, Mom

Mappy said...

Thank you my dear sister !!!! I love you very much !!!!!

threecollie said...

Cathy, can't beat them. I will never forget seeing Alan as a little guy, running across a hay field near me and being struck by how much he reminded me of Matt when he was younger. They are still a lot alike, amazingly capable, kind, and generous guys. Love them both.

Mom, thanks! Love you too, immensely.

Matt, you are most welcome. Thanks for all you have done and been all these long old years. Love you too.

Cathy said...

Awwww . . . :)
Makes me homesick for my brother . . you two.