Thursday, July 03, 2014

Stormy, Buggy, Muggy

Bout sums it up. A stinker of a storm smashed in all of a sudden last night and practically blew the house away. Seriously. I was just falling asleep and the wind and rain lashed in through my open window and soaked the floor six feet from the wall.

So, it was stumble around in the dark half asleep closing windows time. It banged around for an hour or so and then went on its way. No harm done that I can see, just a lot of wet stuff.

This morning the air is thick as molasses, but nowhere near as sweet. Feels like a wet, rubber sheet draped over your head. 

However, I went outside anyhow, as Jade brought me an arbor to hang plants on and I had to move some bee balm off a weedy bank he wants to mow. I planted it there when we moved up here in hopes that the lovely hummingbird friend would take over the bank. Instead the weeds did.

So I was out in the fog of mosquitoes moving it down under the arbor, which we put in front of the kitchen window. Hopefully it will take hold and grow there and I can keep it weeded out.

The Carolina Wren sure had plenty to say about my intrusion into what he considers to be his territory. he is still complaining half an hour later.

Guess the sunset was spectacular last night, with beams of light like rays of a star, shining up off the horizon. Saw some pics here and there. Alas I missed it.

And although my birthday isn't until tomorrow, people have been amazing me with wonderful gifts. Pretty wowsome. 

From my folks five books of my choice from their personal shelves. You have no idea what that meant. I learned my love of birding from Dad. He has bird books. And so.

 I felt guilty taking them, but they insisted. Found an older Nat Geo field guide that I sat down one night and read like a novel. I have the new one, but this older version, between name changes for many birds like orioles and different color plates and all, was just fascinating. Also chose a sea bird guide and a couple others. I should lug them all to camp to study.

Then our dear sister-in-law brought me some of her weaving, pretty new kitchen towels, which I love. if you want something special for your table or towels that will last forever and just keep getting better, her weaving shop is the place to go. The towels she has woven for us will probably be handed down to Peggy, they are so durable.

She and Matt gave me a set of blue ones years and years ago that still look as nice as the day she took them off the loom and they have been in continuous use...  The new ones are a soft, sweet, light brown with pale borders and are so soft and fluffy. I love them. Thanks Lisa.

From the boy of my heart...or should I say, young man.... stuff that he knows will never fail to get me. Fishing gear. Bobbers. Steel leaders. Hooks and spoons and spinners and some silly, gigantic pike hooks.

 He says they are so I don't catch any sunfish. Everybody knows I fish with #1 hooks, which are for the most part too large to fit in the tiny mouths of the sunnies. I love the brilliant little beggars and hate to kill them trying to take a hook out. Rock bass have mouths the size of rain I would rather catch them.

Anyhow thanks everyone, for making my birthday, which isn't even here yet, so special.

Camp is coming up in just over a week. Everything camp related has been moved from its usual storing place in the front parlor. Can we find it all? 

The plot thickens.


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Happy Birthday to you!

jan said...

Happy birthday, you deserve the fuss everyone is making over you and have a dog and bird friendly 4th.

Cathy said...

Oh that's right!! Your birthday is on the celebration of our great nation's Independence! Happy Happy Birthday from soon-to-have-a close-brush-with-Arthur Cape Cod.
P.S. As always . . . a beautiful piece.

Terry and Linda said...

OH! Happy Birthday to you, my Friend!! Happy Birthday!

Thunder and lightening here and muggy. Linda

ellie k said...

Happy Birthday, wishing you a great day and year to come. By your next birthday Miss Peggy will be running everywhere. Grandchildren make life so much better.

threecollie said...

Nita, thanks, I had a great one

Jan, thanks!

Cathy, we sure had lots of fireworks, all around us! Hope you had a good day too, and that the weather gives you a miss. Thanks

Linda, thank you!

ellie, thanks, she is growing so fast and she is already so much fun.