Saturday, August 16, 2014

Arrest Made in Amish Kidnapping

Two people were quickly apprehended in the kidnapping of those poor little Amish children.

I am glad they caught them and have them locked up, but I shudder to think what their reasoning for this abominable act might be.

And to people who reviled the parents for having the girls running the farm standwhile they did chores....they were not doing anything wrong by working right at the edge of their own yard.

 Kids play near their homes all the time, or go to the park across the street, or run over to the neighbor's for a minute. Kids can't be in their parent's sight every second of every day. We were super paranoid about stranger danger when we lived down in town, what with the Thruway exit less than a mile from the house, and motels and truck stops surrounding us. People picked on us about it all the time.

And yet the kids, by the time they were twelve, still spent a certain amount of time out of our sight. Inevitably.

The blame lies squarely on the perpetrators.


wendywoo said...

What an absolutely horrible thing to happen to such innocent children. Those two little girls will never forget this, I'm sure it will taint the rest of their lives. I hope the perps are VERY harshly dealt with.

Cathy said...

These people deserve the harshest punishment within the law. You don't touch other people's kids.

lisa said...

It is pretty shameful what the world is coming to.

Terry and Linda said...



Rev. Paul said...

I'm SO tired of people trying to blame the victims for doing something-or-other wrong.

Your last sentence says it all.

threecollie said...

Wendy, the more news comes of this story, the worse it looks. Those poor, poor children. Our rural communities of being robbed of their innocence.

Cathy, We were discussing fitting punishments this morning as more and worse news comes out about how the poor kids were treated.

Lisa, I am sickened.

Linda, this is a horrible thing.

Rev. Paul, they were doing what farm kids do all over, and were close enough to their parents in the barn that they knew there were customers at the farm stand. Just met up with evil, which is not hard to do these days.