Monday, August 25, 2014

Something's Up

Out on the sitting porch. The Carolina Wren has been going nuts out there since I got up. I crept out and peeked out the door, and he was over between the chairs up to something.

He saw me and flew out under the railing, but now he is back. Guess I will leave him alone. I disturbed a sleeping hummingbird when I opened the door...can't have that.

Meanwhile, in other news, today is truck-in for the fair. The ponies, old Black Jack, bought on a whim, around twelve years ago or so, and Diamond, the princess pony.

"I want to get a black pony that looks like Magnum, so I will see him in the pasture and not miss the old guy so much."

Ten minutes later
Becky: "Well, here's one in the want ads."

Phone call. 

Frantic race to be the first ones there. Little pony that is too much for his current owners. All bluff and fake out.

Fast forward all those years, still a little pony, still full of bluff, but we have his number, so off to the fair he goes.

And another spur of the moment purchase, Diamond, AKA McCall's KL Crimson.

Who else but Liz could be looking for lawnmowers and find a pinto Shetland from way out west?

Diamond has been to the fair before, but this is the first time for Jack. Should be interesting, as he is small but feisty. 


Paintsmh said...

I have to clip them yet, I may regret this decision...

Cathy said...

Awwww . . . all bluff . . . Awwwww . . .:)