Sunday, August 17, 2014

Twenty-five Years is not Enough

Forever would not be enough. Besides the evil perpetrated against the poor little children, kidnapped by these alleged fiends, a terrible crime has been committed against the whole culture of the Amish people, and against the rural mindset everywhere.

If they are not safe in their own yard, then where is there safety and sanctuary?

In the same segment of Upstate NY, where, when a neighbor loses their barn to a terrible fire, everyone, even strangers, pitches in to help in any way possible, including the Amish, who will help with the rebuilding, monsters prowl, hunting small children as if they were prey.

The court system cannot protect the innocent in this case, but I surely hope it can prove the guilt and provide the punishment for the alleged jackals among us.


Cathy said...

Excuse me!
You destroy children's lives and the most you get is 25 years!!!!!

They should never see daylight again.

Let the message go out to any other sicky contemplating this evil.

ellie k said...

I hope the other prisoners will help out and take care of these people, usually they don't care for people that hurt children.

threecollie said...

Cathy, as more details emerge in this story the horror just continues to increase. What ellie k said below is just what we have been thinking too.

ellie, we have been thinking the exact same thing. They are probably going to keep them separate from the general population, as they are notorious and not exactly popular.

Terry and Linda said...

25 YEARS!!! That is criminal in itself!!!

I agre with Ellie...I hope they suffer 'inside'!


threecollie said...

Linda, probably the only way justice will be done.