Monday, September 22, 2014

Somebody's Watching the Calendar

I asked Alan to hold my camera and he asked me to smile

Normally the equinox passes without much involvement from the weather. The sky does not keep a calendar.

However, yesterday, the last day of summer, was gloriously summery. Even late in the evening when the sun was nearly gone from the sky, the air was balmy and soft, almost liquid with sweet, gentle warmth. A really nice day for Sundae on the Farm and a nice day for birding and such. Alan sat with me on the porch for a while, just talking and watching the catbirds and phoebes fly by. 

Made for a sweetly poignant end to summer. 

Then this morning we awoke to cold, scudding clouds, and bristly winds, raking the seed heads of the done-for-the-year rudbeckia, and tossing the cottonwood like a champ. The sky was lit from before dawn until the sun was high with the weirdest light you could imagine.

It was a nearly perfect segue from summer to fall, with no interval at all in between.

The late blight, which has decimated nearly everyone's tomatoes, has finally come herre. I can't complain, as we have picked a lot of tomatoes, but I hate to see the end of the harvest. Homemade sauce is such an asset in the winter. I season it when I make it, with fresh herbs off our plants, which I chop right up in the food processor with the tomatoes. Then when we add it to spaghetti sauce or soup in the winter, there is a taste of summer in every bite.

And with the cold and wild, wet wind comes inertia. I need to do stuff.

I don't want to.


lisa said...

I have lots to do, also. I decided that starting tomorrow it is supposed to be a lot nicer, so, I will start then.

Rev. Paul said...

We have one more major chore before winter, and I don't wanna, either.

Cathy said...

Beautiful cheshire cat smiles from the moon and Marianne :)
And you still see Phoebes !!?? Blessed you are.

Cathy said...

The light in that last picture . . . .
Beautiful . . . but somehow depressing.
I think you know where I'm coming from.

threecollie said...

lisa, well, I got a few things done, but not as many as I should have. lol

Rev. Paul, still have a few plants to get in, some garden to clean up, and the house to button up. With a baby living with us that is going to be a huge chore I fear

Cathy, thanks! We have a ton of phoebes, all yellow-bellied in their fall plumage. They fly all around the house all day. I think...I hope....they are eating wasps! And thanks. Things are so pretty now...and so foreboding.

Terry and Linda said...

That's what happens to me the cold I want to stop. Then wake-up and it be spring.


threecollie said...

Linda, yes! Winter is so darned hard, when you need the light, and you heat with wood and you have animals to care for. I hate it.