Thursday, October 09, 2014

And This isn't Chicago


But, wow, what a wind we had yesterday! I was watching Peggy for Liz and had just put her down for a little nap when an absolute wall of blasting air hit the house.


It was so strong that it BROKE most of my clothespins, even though I ran right out to rescue the laundry as soon as it hit. Granted, you can't buy a decent clothespin these days, but still.

It also blew Alan's coyote hunting blind way up by the horse yard. That was a big disappointment to me, as he left it set up so I could bird watch from it. It was really cool to sit inside and look out.

Anything that didn't blow away in that maelstrom, just isn't going to blow away.

And more pumpkins

Doesn't look like any real harm was done though, and Becky and Ralph rescued the blind.

Today we ran up to the orchard for apples for jelly and stopped to take pics of their lovely pumpkin fields, then down to the river for photos of floating things. Of course, nothing much was floating.....

Our favorite little pumpkin of all


Terry and Linda said...

Goodness! That is a HUGE wind!


A. Montgomery said...

It was blowing the railing on the deck, like it was going to blow it away, and you know how solid Dad builds. Thanks for the Pretty Peggy picture. She is growing so fast!
See You Saturday! Love, Mom

jan said...

Peggy looks like she has a few paragraphs to add to the family discourse.

Cathy said...

Very interesting - that wind. We are so small when it comes to weather.
And yes. That's the cutest little pumpkin in the patch:)

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Oh my gosh, look at that darling baby, getting so big! Adorable! That gust of wind made it all the way to Saratoga Springs, slamming into our sitting porch so hard it knocked over a lamp and made the doors slam. Before it arrived we'd had the doors open, but then it turned chilly quite quickly.

threecollie said...

Linda, it was crazy! It blew for the next whole day, but it was the first gusts that were so wild!

Mom, that is something. I was totally unprepared for it. Love you!

Jan, oh, yes, she has lots to say, and not all of it complimentary. lol

Cathy, we used to call her mama Pumpkin when we was little so I call Peggy my little Pumpkin Pie, among about a million other nonsense endearments, which she seems to love.

Jacqueline, it was so sudden! I was pretty frightened going out to collect the laundry, but work uniforms were out there and I couldn't just let them blow away. Didn't seem to do much serious harm though.