Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Toast

To all you sisters who are stuffing turkeys, eyes watering from the onions, sinuses tickled by too much sage, in overheated kitchens, even as I type. And to brothers who are hunting deers with visions of that stuffing dancing in their heads.

And to brothers making dinner and sisters sitting in deer stands and to all the farmers who grew the green beans for a million green bean casseroles. To everyone who cares for livestock every single holiday in every kind of weather.

And to all who serve and cannot be home on this day of traditional gratitude and camaraderie and overeating.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, one and all.

And peace to America and everyone who lives here.

And don't forget the good folks who print the paper that runs the Farm Side. Word is that they have been without power all night and are struggling to get that job done before going home to their families. Be safe and strong today.


Cathy said...

Yes. Lifting a glass to all those you mention. And here's a toast to leftovers :)

NumberWise said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, dear friend. I hope your day was relaxing and refreshing. Did you have time to settle down with a good book on that new Nook?

threecollie said...

Cathy, yes! Leftovers!!! I won't have to cook for days!

NW, I thought about you yesterday and wished I had thought to invite you down. It was just Becky and Ralph and me, as everyone else went to inlaws. I was fine with that, but it would benice to see you.....and feed you! lol

Terry and Linda said...

Thank you for these wonderful words! I hope your day was full of family and friends, my dear friend!