Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Christmas in November

Becky bought me a refurbished Nook and gave it to me early. Then B$N gave me five bucks for a free book. I found a lot of other free books too.....

See you next spring. 

Seriously, the thing is beyond cool. I spent yesterday evening figuring out how to use it and reading on that first free book. I chose The Last of the Breed, by Louis L'Amour. We used to have a paperback copy, but I guess we read it to get that sometimes....when you really like a good yarn. 

This particular book is the one Alan was thrown out of study hall for reading because it wasn't "approved". Guess how long it took me to go up to the school and straighten that out....

Anyhow, yesterday was cold, but interesting. We went up to see Mom and Dad and take Dad a slightly belated birthday gift. This morning it is also cold, middle of January, glassy ice, and frozen feet cold, and I don't like it much. Maybe I should curl up with a warm blanket and a nice, cozy Nook.......

First bird today, a large flock of indignant House Finches and a bunch of Gold Finches. Oh, my, they are loud.


JMD said...

My husband has a closet shelf in the bedroom with Louis L'Amour books and is always on the search for me. He managed to score about 8 additional books. They are almost impossible to find at the thrift stores locally :-D. Lots of fans apparently.

joated said...

Loved "Last of the Breed" when I read it (twice? maybe more).

Not on the "approved" list? Military hero: check
Independant hero: check
Survival skills: check
Soviet enemy: check
Louis L'Amour: check

I can see why "they" didn't approve.

If I was the teacher in that study hall, however, I would have been asking to borrow it when Alan finished. And probably would have lent him the Allan W. Eckert--or the Terry C. Johnston-- books I was reading ;-)

Rev. Paul said...

What joated said. Every word!

Cathy said...

I loved that story about you straightening out Alans' teacher.

"See you next spring."


Earl said...

When you get caught up in the story, and turn your nook over to change pages - you will have achieved perfection... your zen moment.

Breezey375 said...

I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

If your public library is in the system, you can checkout Ebooks for your Nook. I download 6 to 10 books per week for my 84 year old mother. With the nook she can read any book by adjusting the text size and is no longer dependent on only what is in large print.
Have a fun day - Bill

Terry and Linda said...

I love my kindle...I also have several sites that let me read books for free, want me to send the links to you?


threecollie said...

JMD, that is pretty cool. I have read most of them, but there are some I have never even seen!

Joated, I was furious! After I dealt with it I felt a little guilty though. Although the issue really needed to be addressed, the teacher in question was about half my age and not terribly well-informed. It was kind of like I kicked a puppy. I would do it again though.

Rev. Paul, I had a lot of those sort of confrontations at school. Guess we are a little

Cathy, we are getting a little break in the weather so I guess I have to go load some hay today...maybe tomorrow I can hibernate.

Earl, not quite that used to it yet. Between having read the story several times before and not being accustomed to the device i am still noticing that I am using it. Maybe soon....

Becky, I am ever so grateful!

Bill, thanks! We are going to try that soon. And I hear that if you are a NY resident you can access the NYC public library system for e-books too. That should offer a large selection.

Linda, thanks! We have a couple but I guess there are more. Such fun!

NumberWise said...

I'm late to the party, as usual.

A Nook! A Nook! Oh, generous and thoughtful Becky!

I got a Nexus 7 tablet about three months ago. As you did, I chose an old favorite (Anne of Green Gables) to read first as I was getting used to it. Since then I've read several books - free, purchased (cheap), and borrowed.

I've gotten used to using the tablet, but I still struggle with the fact that it's not a book. It is, however, lots of other good things, so I'll continue using it and appreciating it.

I'd be interested to hear what sites you and others use to get books. I've downloaded several free books, and I've purchased several books and collections from Amazon ($1 to $2 ones). I've also borrowed from Open Library, and I think this may be the one connected to the state library system. I'm not overly impressed with the web site itself though.

So please do keep posting about it, and I hope others will offer their insight and sites, too.

threecollie said...

NW, so far I like it a lot. Read three books on it already. I am sure it will get better with practice too. I will see if Becky can send you a list of links. So far I have not tried them, although I hope to.