Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Recall and Equine Edjamucation

All our computer charger cords were recalled....every single one in the house. Here is the link to check yours

Seen on the highway in front of the house, on the bridge in town, and over by the fairgrounds....not by me, alas, or there would be pictures....

An Amish horse, hooked to a wagon, with another horse tied to the tailgate, hooked to yet another a tandem with a horse in the middle.

 Guess the rig held up traffic on the bridge for ages, as the rear horse was not excited about following the front horse and wagon.

I assume the guy was attempting to train the horse on the rear cart to travel in traffic and pull something behind him.

At any rate he tied him up to the new posts in front of the fairgrounds entrance and went down to the river to get him some water. 

You just never know what you will see in small town, Upstate NY.

Huntin' season south opens this weekend BTW. I generally share a link to the state's laws on trespassing for all the folks who think that little bit of paper is a license to trot through pasture and cornfields willy-nilly.

And here it is.


Cathy said...

Love that cute little pumpkin :)
And guess what. I say to hubby: "you don't have an HP notebook do you? " He answers in the affirmative and says he knew about the recall , but Hey! He's had it for 3 years and nuthin's happened.

Terry and Linda said...

The trot through the farm, pasture break down fences, leave gates open license...............NOT!!!


threecollie said...

Cathy, lol, we have had ours quite a while too. Generally everything gets unplugged when we are not sitting right here using them, but Becky sent for the replacements anyhow.

Linda, it isn't, is it. We get a lot of them though. Wait until you see what the boss put up down on the house driveway. Because the house is so unusual looking people get right off the interstate and come right up to visit. We have had them walk right in the back door uninvited. So we have a huge....and I do mean no trespassing sign. lol