Monday, December 08, 2014

Code Blue

Last night. It means that the homeless shelters are open in area cities.

I certainly would not want to be outdoors on a night like that. The moon was very high and the air was very cold, and pretty damp too. Ice clouds hung overhead.

This morning the moon was blanketed in that ice fog and looked faint and small and far away. Not a blanket I would want to shelter beneath.

The stove is roaring here today and still having trouble keeping up with this big drafty house. Alan and I put up a lot of plastic here and there, but obviously not enough. I have my down vest on and am grateful for it.

I was saddened to discover that Cabela's doesn't seem to carry them any more. I won this one as a door prize at a picnic put on by our favorite veterinarian many years ago. I liked it so well that I found a place that sold them and bought them for everyone in the family. 

Most of them have worn right out as everyone here works outdoors. Things get torn on wire and such. You can track the boss by the feathers that fluff around him. 

 Mine has stayed intact all that time though. I am not sure whether this means that I have a lousy work ethic or just that I am careful.

I will hope that it is the latter. Anyhow, stay warm and enjoy this last day of nice before the latest storm rolls in. 


Cathy said...

Love this picture all backlit by the sun. More character than the the 10 blocks around my suburban house.

ellie k said...

You might find them on e bay or amazon.

jan said...

I love this house, have lusted over it for years. I think i could sacrifice some comfort just to live here.

NumberWise said...

Well, I'm not sure I'd call this day "nice", but I'll concede that it's probably nicer than the next few days are going to be.

And I know about the "big drafty house" concept of which you write. I love my old house, too, but I think it's falling apart faster than I am. I was grateful that my son was home this morning to thaw out the water pipe and plug up the broken cellar window.

Tell me again: how soon will spring be here?

Anonymous said...

Try Lands End. Women's down vests are on sale and there is 50% of today

Danielle Dorso said...

Brrrrrrrr. I would try Lands End too.