Thursday, January 15, 2015

Aunts and Uncles are Cool

Especially if you are a baby with a full complement of same living with you.

You get to read really good baby books, about kitties, and bunnies and firemen with hoses.

You get to snuggle on the living room floor and learn how to use the shape sorter barn.

Honorary uncles come to visit and hold you and bounce you and talk to you.

And around here you have a gramma and grandpa handy whenever you need one.

And that's not to mention mom and dad.

 All in one day. You gotta love it.


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

The perfect way to grow up!

Jonna said...

Positive nurturing relationships are the threads of our mental health fabric (can't take credit for that; I think a pediatric neuropsychiatrist named Brian Perry said it). That is one lucky baby!

Cathy said...

Lucky, blessed little girl with the cutest hat- ever.

(BTW. Can't remember if you knew that Jonna is a pediatrician . . she knows of what she speaks)

Terry and Linda said...

She is growing up the most perfect of way!


jan said...

What a very lucky baby, She has all the important things in life.

threecollie said...

Nita, can't wait until she is old enough to enjoy the animals and the gardens...and of course, the birds. lol

Jonna, thank you for saying so. We are more than a little unconventional, but she is loved every day and I think she knows it.

Cathy, wish you could see her! And thank you for that. I didn't know and it is very meaningful.

Linda, we sure have fun with her!

Jan, she is a corker! So full of mischief.