Saturday, January 17, 2015

Is it Saturday Already?

Must be. The young men are off to Boonville or some such place to ride snowmobiles, so I will have to worry all day, but I surely hope they stay warm and have a good time.

Happy Baby

I was greeted by a fresh, hot, lovely, cup of delicious perked coffee when I entered the kitchen this morning, courtesy of Liz, so that was nice. 

And it appears Becky has a second job.

And so, yes, it is Saturday, just another day in Paradise.

The wild birds are so hungry and so tame these frigid days that you essentially have to scoot the White-throated Sparrows out of the way with your foot to get out of the house. Really. They hop right around your feet while you fill the feeders and greet you whenever you go out. I have never seen anything like it.

The boss went out yesterday and came right back in to get some more seeds for them as they were even accosting him.

Wow. However, something along the lines of Global Warming at the kitchen level is causing the shoreline of that coffee to recede rapidly.....just sayin'. Or maybe Kitchen Climate Change, as it seems to be getting colder actually.....Brrrr.....

Grumpy Grandma
*Actually, I was perfectly happy, enjoying taking photos
of the squall
It is just that my default expression is scowl.
Thank you Grandpa Montgomery. lol
Update: The darned White-throated Sparrows are so tame when Liz was unloading her laundry one immediately went into her truck to fly around. Becky rescued it and brought it in to make sure what kind it was before releasing it. Wonder if they make car seats for birds. 


Terry and Linda said...

You made me chuckle! That baby is darling and looked like she was trying to blow bubbles at you!


NumberWise said...

Birds and baby all in one blog! Those expressions just make me grin, and the light is marvelous.

I'm so glad that you've had so many birds around this winter. It may not make the winter any easier to bear, but they sure provide some welcome, cheerful distraction. The photos of the birds are great.

threecollie said...

Linda, she is a pip. She enjoys making raspberries and sounded just like a little motorboat. lol

NW, They are amazing, both birds and babies! Can't wait until you and I can actually talk someday! And thanks.

lisa said...

I love those pictures! She is just so adorable!