Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Wild Winds

Sunrise over the St. John's River

We had 'em. And they were awful. When a house this big moves in the wind, you know it's a danged stiff breeze. No one slept too well, night before last.

The house was cold all day too as the stove didn't want to burn. One of those hang on and get it over with days.

Now we have come to dealing with a frozen milkhouse. We have an electric heater in there, but it is not efficient and is very expensive to run. So far this season the boss has instead shut off most of the water lines. Then each night he shuts all the water off in all the barns and then uses an air compressor to blow all the water from the cow barn over to the heifer barn and drains it there.

This has worked pretty good. We also fill the wash vats and several buckets with water and keep water in a big tub for the cows. However, this morning there was an ice shell in both vats, ice in the milkers, ice here, ice there, ice, ice everywhere. Guess we will have to turn the heater on today.


And if we can't keep the pipeline thawed so we can milk, we may have to dry the girls off until they calve back and haul water for them to drink from the house. Have to see how it goes.

Jax Beach almost to ourselves


It sure makes Florida look good. We are slowly picking away at the mystery birds....yesterday's duck was a Gadwall, a lifer for me.

Didn't visit, what with no time and driving a Camaro and all, but it was a thrill just to drive past


Rev. Paul said...

I hope your temps moderate, and you can keep the lines thawed today/tonight.

Cathy said...

This cold . . . . bitter. Schools closed here in northwest Ohio. Gonna be along winter.
Global warming? Huh?

jan said...

Global warming seems more appealing every year, but we seem to be moving in the opposite direction.

Terry and Linda said...

Having to drain and blow out pipes nightly is a huge chore! Although, preferable to frozen Everything!

We need warmth...you need warmth...something more than what you have!


threecollie said...

REv. Paul, thanks! It is just nasty. Liz and Jade both fell on the ice yesterday and hurt themselves, him bad enough for a hospital visit and x-rays. Not my favorite season.

Cathy, yeah, we don't even have living room warming let alone global. lol

Jan, yeah, I was reading some of the apocalyptic predictions and thinking, yeah! I gotta get me some of that. lol

Linda, running back and forth to the barn and up and down the cellar steps included as for some reason certain contractors who shall remain nameless put all the shut offs for the whole farm down under the house.