Wednesday, February 18, 2015

All I have to Say


joated said...

'Tis enough.

(Weather button on the side says it's just minus 8 in Fultonville. Dayam! That's cold!)

Stay warm as you go about your chores today...or even sit in the house!

Cathy said...

I understand. I am so over this season.
How is your cheek feeling today?

Terry and Linda said...

Yes! Come on Spring!

Linda ❤⊱彡

ellie k said...

It's cold here for Florida, tonight down to 34 and tomorrow below freezing. It is hard on the farmers, tomatoes are about to bloom, citrus is blooming now and fruit still on the trees and strawberries are just starting to ripen. I know low 30's sounds good to you but we are not prepared for it. So many people have no heat in there house and a lot of families live in cars or vans. Not complaining I know you like to hear how things are here with the farmers. I guess every area has it's weather concerns. Love that little girl, give her an extra hug for me.

Uta said...

Yup that's what it looks like here too in CT. Soooo sick of it. By now I start some of my seedlings but the basement is too cold and the snow will probably be here until June before we can plant.

threecollie said...

Joated, I am so over this winter. Of course I am one of those grouchy types that was over winter when I was born, but enough is enough. Thanks

Cathy, it thawed pretty good, thankfully. I have been wearing Alan's fur hat when I have to go out in the worst of it. That keeps it from refreezing.

Linda, I'm ready!!!

ellie, oh, my, I think about you folks all the time when we see the weather maps. At least we are for the most part prepared for this, although we lose a few tender perennials every time it stays cold this long. At least the snow provides some insulation for them. I hope this weather breaks before too much damage is done to your crops. We like to eat the things that are grown where you are. Thanks for keeping me posted.

Uta, I know just what you mean! Normally I start a few geranium seeds or some other fussy plants as early as January, just to be doing something garden-y. This year I haven't even thought about it. Been just watering the big house plants, and wishing it would warm up germinate something! Anything. Lol Take care!

ellie k said...

Tomorrow is to be about 70, that sounds good to me, tonight in the 30,s, my grandson is camping with the boy scouts, I bet they are bundled up in sleeping bags by now.

threecollie said...

Ellie, poor kids! I hope they have real warm gear! glad you are getting a warm up. I hate to see our Florida friends freezing. In the coldest times we can always think fondly of the Sunshine State...except when it is nearly as cold there as here. lol