Monday, March 30, 2015

Lake Sturgeon in NY

Lake Sturgeon

Road trip Saturday to Bass Pro in Utica. They have the most impressive fish tank there, full of large, fat, sassy individuals of all sorts of native fish.

Alan suggested I take the camera into the store with me, and I was glad I did, as there were all sorts of opportunities to take pictures of all these cool fish.

I enjoyed the big catfish, the various trout and salmon, crappies, sunfish and other critters, but I was enthralled with the Lake Sturgeon. They are just not something you see every day.

I was raving about it to Al at the firearms counter and a nice young store employee began to tell me about the sturgeon in Onieda Lake. Of course they are protected, and he said that they have become so successful that it was hard not to accidentally catch them when jigging for walleye.

He also told us about modern stocking programs and how successful they had been.

It was fun to talk to this knowledgeable young man and to come home and learn about these interesting fish.


Ed said...

Love that store, I took tons of pics at the store in Des Moines Iowa, I was impressed with the collection of stuffed animals and fish. And what were you perusing at the firearms counter??? :-)

Cathy said...

Wow! On those pictures. You'd swear they were taken in the great out-of-doors :)

Terry and Linda said...

WOW! We don't have one of those stores here, it would be cool to see!


threecollie said...

Ed, it was a lot of fun. Loved looking at the fish close up like that. And we were doing business on an over/under 410....very nice.

Cathy, thanks

Linda, we have a couple within driving distance. Lots of fun.