Thursday, April 02, 2015

96 Days

The weather folks are saying that it has been that long since the temperature in our region hit fifty degrees. Even yesterday, with the bright, bright sun, migrants pouting in like a wave over the land, and all the beauty that we associate with spring, it didn't get anywhere near that mark.

A few minutes outside without a heavy coat was plenty enough for sure.

Today we are supposed to hit that fifty milestone. If the wind isn't blowing hard enough to defeat the finest clothespin that is going to feel pretty nice.

To give you an idea of how late our spring has been so far, the Daffodils that Grandma Peggy planted near the house foundation are nowhere to be seen! They normally pop out a few shoots as early as January and certainly by March they would be a couple inches high.

I cut my fingers digging down into the soft earth right at the corner of the house...nothing...

I hope they are still down there somewhere.

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Cathy said...

Hang in there Marianne - it's coming. It's GOT to come!