Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Cornbread for the Living

My youngest brother, ever one for adventure and innovation, has always beein into old engines and the machines they run.

He called me Sunday to ask if I wanted any of the cornmeal that he ground using these old farm tools. 'Why, not?' I thought, so he sent some that he made from whole grain corn last week.

Yesterday I made a double batch of cornbread with it, and all I can say is, good thing I took a photo before the locusts descended. Guess I will be making another batch today. 

We had it last night with leftover Easter ham and a little butter and maple syrup.


Outstanding in his field

And speaking of maple, I kept smelling a sweet, warm, scent yesterday when we were out walking fence...kind of like hot cotton candy at the fair.

I couldn't see anything in bloom and wondered for a little bit what it might be. Then I realized...the box elders, members of the maple family, are already in bloom. This will probably mean an awful short tapping season alas, but they sure do smell great. 

Except to Liz, who is allergic to maple tree pollen.


Anonymous said...

OH THAT CORN BREAD looks sooooo good I am going to make some. Honey added makes it really good too! How interesting the box elders give off that scent in the blooms......mmmmmm no wonder I love to be around them---thanks for beauty pics and lovely messages ....Merri

threecollie said...

Merri, I need to make more! It didn't last two days. lol I'll have to try honey in it.