Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Kickin' Butts and Takin' Names

Geese coming down the valley, taken looking at our place from across the river
That white triangle below the distant mountain is our Hickory Tree Field on Seven County Hill

I didn't want to come in this morning when it was Daisy walking time. In fact I went back out while she had her breakfast to fill the feeders and linger.....and linger.....

It is deadline day, year end tax time, and not bird watching, sunrise slurping, gobble-up-the-outdoor-glory time.

However....malingering and procrastinating are arts I have long perfected.

As always, when I walked away from the feeder the local birds, plus all the blackbirds that have been arriving daily, descended on the stump feeder the boss made me and began to hoover up the seeds.

Down came one of the lovely male cardinals we have enjoyed all winter.

Wham! An LBB, that is little brown bird, slammed out of the tree and nailed him.

He left in a flashing flurry of ruffled feathers. The little brown stinker proceeded to peck and nip and stomp everything that came while I watched. The light wasn't the greatest, but from inside the house I finally saw that diagnostic stripey breast and central breast spot.

Song Sparrow. First of the year. Usually they stay all winter, but this year has been so bad I haven't seen one since freeze up. Several of them nest around the house and barnyard every summer, hosting far too many Brown-headed Cowbird young, alas.

I'll bet he figures this is HIS yard and everybody else better get outta town. Now if only a Carolina Wren would come.

Another look at our land from the hills above Fonda

The boss pointed out yesterday that it has been just a year since we sold the cows. I try not to think about it and to just live this new life of scrambling to pay taxes on the land and watching the birds come in and the baby grow.....and the new ventures the kids are taking up. 

Even the migrants have learned to wait for the feeder lady mornings..took them about a day to find out about it.


jan said...

The only thing I miss about how living in snow country is the lovely cardinal. We don't have them here.

Terry and Linda said...

We don't have cardinals here I wish we did.