Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I Wonder if the Crow

Masquerading as a Raven, what with molting outside feathers leaving him a pesky wedge tail, worries about  the Grackle eggs he is stealing.... are they organic....

All stealthy as he sneaks from apple branch to cedar stem, a screeching stream of iridescent black and green and blueshine parents flowing behind him, wishing in his wake that he was more selective in his dining.

Do the selfsame Grackles post on social media about the GMOs in the Catbird eggs they maraud upon or the nestlings they make away with?

Hmm....I wonder....

That fine, large, whitetail buck that gallumphed across the pasture just a little while pretty against the green...seemed unconcerned, but what do we know? Does he fret about cholesterol in his clover? Will it interfere with antler growth? Could he be low T?

Or the cottontails nibbling at the edges of the iris patch. All that grass....Gluten free? Free range?

I wonder....but wait...there's more. I'm pretty sure none of these creatures worry about anything other than enough.

They certainly don't have to worry about where their food originates. It's all one big farmer's market to them and they are our most frequent customers.

Too busy to fret about factory farming as long as their bellies are full and their homes are snug and secret.


Rev. Paul said...

Jesus told His disciples the plants & animals didn't worry, so they weren't to, either. Seems people worry too much.

Terry and Linda said...

Gluten Free...sorry I had to chuckle.


Anonymous said...

My waht a beautiful post!!! You are a wonderful writer, and you reveal so well the total materiality of our planet. It is not concerned with the beauty and abundance around it naturally, but seems to have compalint about everything. Maybe taht is what gives folks complain. I know I find myself doint that...when as you so beautifully write here...God is always taking care of us . How much do we need ? Taht is a question I am aware of. And from this deep Soul- filled writing, we really have all we need every minute, just like our animal friends. I do hope you will consider putting together these posts along with the picutres and writing a book. It would sell millions, not that that would be your humble motive I know..but it defintely would feed the famished affections of the world with the beauty you show forth in true Living. Thank you, much love--Merri

Cathy said...

I love your comment section. I can only say 'amen' to the wise and nice people up ahead of me :)

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, and all too often about such silly things

Linda, thanks, I am glad you did. lol

Merri, thank you so much for your kind words. I enjoy being able to share what I see with people who don't have the wild world right outside their windows.

Cathy, thanks! I enjoy the comments very much. In this mad, mad world here at Northview, sometimes the Internet is the only time I get a turn to talk. lol