Monday, June 15, 2015

The Mulberry Shuttle

All birds will be Cedar Waxwings until further notice. Neat looking small bird sitting on the silver-green candles of the Blue Spruce?

Cedar Waxwing

Five small birds tumbling over and over one another like entertainers piling out of a clown car?

Cedar Waxwings.

At least thirty fluttering in every bush and shrub and tree?

Don't bother with the binoculars. 

They are all Cedar Waxwings. They show up about two weeks before the mulberry fruit appears and they are everywhere until fall...

They spend all day every day tugging at the half-ripe berries and devouring them.

Catbirds serve as conductors on the mulberry train. Their sleek, yet subtle uniforms and natty caps never looked mussed......but what about those flashy red under drawers?

Cardinals partake. Robins. Starlings. Baltimore Orioles.

Cedar Waxwings.

Birds that are supposed to be seed eaters, but sneak up there to tug away the berries. Gold Finches. House Finches. Purple Finches. Cedar Waxwings. Yellow Warblers are up to something over there. They claim they are just hunting bugs but I have my suspicions. 

And Cedar Waxwings.

There is never a dull moment out on the sitting porch or up in the bird window, but that's okay.....I enjoy the Mulberry Shuttle.


Anonymous said...

How interesting.....and love the thought of them ....out there. Looks like rain stopped that is good. Here cold again in fall darn..but it is that way for all of us. UP then down. I am going to play the chicken video from your blog...that always warms my heart...blessings to you all Merri

threecollie said...

Merri, it is a lot of fun to watch the hustle and bustle in those trees. They are volunteers and not in the best spot, but any time the guys mention cutting them down there is an uproar. I love the weeks of the mulberry shuttle! lol Blessings to you too, thank you

Terry and Linda said...



ellie k said...

When my grand mother had a mulberry tree and the birds loved it but they pooped purple then. She could not hang out clothes since they always seemed to hit the white sheets. Do you make pies from the berries? They are so good.

threecollie said...

Linda, I could send you twenty or

Ellie, same story here. Fortunately the trees are on one side of the house and the clothesline on the other. Still get a few hits, but not like when the wild grapes start bearing. Then it's awful! lol. I am too lazy to pit the berries but my late mother-in-law made pies. She was the best pie maker I ever ate after. lol