Monday, July 27, 2015


On that nice evening walk a couple of days ago, I saw something I really should have photographed. I wish I had although it was not in any way pretty.

Right at the top of the hill behind the barn, just before you exit the Thirty-acre Lot on the way home, there was a big pile of poo in the road.

And I do mean big.

I looked it over thoroughlly because it was truly unique. Taking up enough geography to cover a dinner platter (not mine, thank you) it consisted almost entirely of black, woolly fur with a few clumps of yellowish white thrown in.


I diagnosed it as a last meal of a a participant that is, but not as a diner.

Probably the remains of a coyote's dinner party. To say that he overindulged is a bit of an understatement. He must have eaten the whole thing, fur and all. The result was big enough to belong to a bear, but we haven't seen any sign of such in decades (for which I am thankful indeed!!!) I can hear him moaning now...."I can't believe I ate the whole thing...."

Personally I would not invite a skunk to either my dinner party or my menu.

And I had no idea that coyotes ate skunks. I thought that was the bailiwick of the Great Horned Owl and pretty much nobody else.

 We have been smelling skunks almost every night too.

Then the boss saw three of them on his way out to the T-Field for wood last night. We will have to BOLO them.....the large animal veterinary clinic where we have both done business since before our lives collided has warned of recent local rabies cases in Mephitis Mephitis. Not to mention the smell.


Carol Williams said...

That is so cool!!! Boy, I thought I was weird. I found the remains of something furry out in my pasture, and ended up dragging it back home to get a better look (about the size of both hands put together, just fur, no gooey stuff). I was headed to the vet the next day so I threw it in the back of the truck and had them look at it for me. Turns out it was what was left of a fawn. They said it was common for deer to come just inside a fenced pasture to have their babies, as it's safer. Something got this one anyway. But I was excited that I had deer there.

My city friends (in my former life) would have been horrified.

I too would have stopped to take a picture of your furry pile. :)

R.Powers said...

I imagine that coyote's breath and I shudder.

Terry and Linda said...

Interesting. We have bear here. They come up out of the canyon killed a porcupine the other day. They love eating porcupines. We also have cougar/mountain lions...they will kill just about anything it seems. BUT YOU HAVE HUGE coyotes, nothing like the ones we have, although ours are good sized.

I'll bet that coyote stunk for days.


Anonymous said...

TOo funny this....too funny. I love it....skunk art!!! oh me.......and I remember my dad saying at times:" I am so hungry I coudl eat a skunk>"-----not this girl either. Fridn of mine had a pet I used in a parade one time....they are nice pets I guess if you get them de-skunked.....this one still smelled. I was ELlie May in the Bev Hillbillies float and carried that skunk!!! Thanks for the as ususal, wonderful , creative and most enjoyable post. I LOVE YOUR HOUSE ...sweet cozy and beautiful..skunk and all...thanks ----Merri

threecollie said...

Carol, lol, I can't imagine NOT inspecting everything we find on the ground like that. So many stories to read and speculate upon.I think the deer had the fawns in our barnyard because the big cows and the dogs made her feel safer.

FC, can you imagine the look on his face as he dined? lol

Linda, I hope we NEVER get cougars! I can't imagine having to be aware all the time of what is out in the bushes. The yotes are bad enough, but they rarely bother people.

Merri, the boss hunted them as a boy. Once he and his buddies went on a nighttime skunk hunt with their dogs and found a huge den of them. His mother met them at the barnyard gate and made them strip and get into the watering trough before they came to the house. It was November! lol They got a week off from school because of it too. lol