Tuesday, August 11, 2015

And so

The rain is flouncing down, dampening everything including everyone's spirits. After the hefty weekend work everyone is kind of tired anyhow and the rain just makes us all want to sleep. 

Working on a Farm Side about retaliatory trade protections by Russia against the US and EU and some of the ramifications thereof.

Some folks are pretty creative in their reactions.

 I would love to take advantage of this sleepy day.....however.....have a good one. 


Terry and Linda said...

Rain does that to me also. It's raining here...nice...but Terry is loading hay for a customer. Loading in the rain..well, at least it's not too hot!


lisa said...

I love that first picture! You take some of the most interesting pictures.

threecollie said...

Linda, loading in the rain...what a pain! You can sure feel fall in the air. Ack! lol

Lisa, thank you. That is the seed from the elephant ear plant you guys gave me years ago. I split it and planted it yesterday. Wonder if it will sprout...