Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Draft Horse Show

The judge awaits his class

Standing for the National Anthem
Here they come

We visited the fair yesterday for the last day
....end of summer..it is now autumn in the Great Northeast, no matter what the calendar says....and enjoyed the six-horse hitch class at the draft show. 

Turn your sound up to get the best of this little video. There is nothing like the pounding of the hooves and the jingle of the chains.


A. Montgomery said...

I love this. The big horses are the best. So overwhelming! Thanks for letting me be there. Love, Mom

Rev. Paul said...

My buddy in Missouri had a Clydesdale which he bought from Grant's Farm in St. Louis (i.e., Budweiser) because the horse (Garth) was too small to pull the beer wagon.

I'm 6'1" and could just see over Garth's shoulders. Those animals are simply magnificent!

Terry and Linda said...

These animals are just stunning! I loved watching and reading your post.


Anonymous said...

How would one pick out the BEST.....they are all simply wonderful to watch, and see. Thank you for the video...was like I was sitting right there . I wonder which ones won ....all were splendid. Thanks...blessings, Merri

threecollie said...

Thanks, Mom, I've been working for a couple of years to find the best place to get a sense of what the show is like with the camera. Guess I found the right corner. lol. Love you!

Rev. Paul, they are indeed amazing! We had a pair of big Belgians back in the day and nobody but me could put their halters on if they didn't want them on. They were good about lowering their head for me. lol

Linda, thank you. I am getting too old and lazy for the fair but I can't miss the draft show. lol

Merri, the Clydesdales came in first, the Belgians second, and the Percherons third. We were pleased because that is pretty much how we all placed them. It takes great effort and a lot of money to bring teams like these to the show, so I am grateful to get to see them.