Friday, September 18, 2015

Kidz 'n' Dogz


lisa said...

Peggy is sure getting big! I bet she loves that puppy. Grandma now has two grandbabies ;=)

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Peggy is growing so fast! Puppies oh my, so fun. Maybe not for the older annoyed dogs but for the humans :)

Jan said...

OMG. Who is this large child? This is more cuteness than i am prepared for so early in the morning.

A. Montgomery said...

New pictures of Peggy. My computer background is blessed with a new picture.
Love them all. Mom

Terry and Linda said...

That darling little Peggy must adore having puppies to play with. I loved the video...makes me want a friend for Boomer.


Cathy said...

I need more words for cute and adorable !

Anonymous said...

Blessings Flow at Northview in all sizes and mostly absolutely precious..Love the dog in the playpen ...little one looking over at them and love the video...Terriers are so fun and so individual... thank you for your joy shared...Merri

threecollie said...

Lisa, they are very fond of each other...and that pup is nearly as much work as a baby. lol thanks for breakfast yesterday. had a great time!

Nita, she is growing! Learning to communicate better every day. Daisy didn't think much of the pup at first but they seem to be becoming good friend now, even though he is an awful pest to her.

Jan, I know just what you mean. Sometimes it is a bit overwhelming. lol

Mom, great seeing you and dad and all the family yesterday. What fun! Love you!

Linda, she loves all the animals just like her mother did when she was small. And I'll bet Boomer would love a buddy...dogs have the best life at your place!

Cathy, and lively! They are both very, very, very, very lively! lol

Merri, thank you! We do love our Mack...he is a very cool doggy.